The Naked Dog Project

Obviously the choice of collar or no collar is a personal decision—one that you will need to make based on many factors including where you are playing, who you are playing with, your dog’s temperament and training, and your knowledge of canine body language. We are simply asking you to consider playing naked if the situation feels appropriate.

If you choose to play or live with collars on, please be sure you have a bolt cutter and industrial scissors readily available. If your dog is a frequent visitor to dog parks or plays at a friend’s house, have an emergency kit in your car and take it with you to the play date. And know that your dog can get into trouble all by himself. Collars can get stuck in deck boards, floor registers, on fences—just about anywhere.

So just be aware, be prepared and be inspired. Do it For Gracie’s Sake. 

The Naked Dog Project

PLAY NAKED For Gracie's Sake  Wristbands 

​​​​The Naked Dog Project came to life in an effort to educate and bring awareness to the danger that lurks when dogs play with collars on. I was totally blind-sided. It was unimaginable to me that this could happen in general, let alone in a daycare environment where you are paying professionals to take care of your puppy. But the reality is, it can and does happen. It happens in homes, in backyards, in dog parks, and yes, through my experience, I can even say it happens in daycares. And it happens all over the world.

The Naked Dog Project will bring awareness. It will educate. It will ask you to consider playing with no collar. It will ask you to be prepared for an emergency. And hopefully it will inspire you to pay it forward.  Share what you have learned, spread the word about the dangers, and consider donating an emergency kit to your local dog park. The Naked Dog Project is donating  to our local dog parks. We sleep better at night knowing the proper tools are available in case of an emergency. We think you will too.

Here’s a look at our campaign.