The Naked Dog Project

The Bottom Line

If you don’t read anything else on this site, I hope you will spend a few minutes here. Before leaving your dog anywhere, ask questions. Questions about supervision, collar policies, emergency plans, dog-to-staff ratios, training. Just ask questions. You can then make an informed decision. Don’t assume. I made that mistake for all of us. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Trust your gut!

Here's the bottom line.

Be Awareof what can happen. A dog getting seriously injured or dying from playing and living with collars on is a reality. Consider playing and living with no collars. If you crate your dog, ALWAYS take the collar off before placing your dog in the crate. When you leave the house and your dog stays at home, take the collar off. Your dog does not need to wear his collar inside the house when you are not there. Some examples of strangulation at home include collars getting caught on crates, furniture, cabinet hardware, door stops, heating and cooling vents, deck board slats, fences, shrubs and branches. Your dog’s collar and tags can get caught almost anywhere. It is a roll of the dice when this could happen to you or someone you know.

Be Prepared in case it does. If you choose to play and live with collars on, please have proper tools available to cut off the collar in case of an emergency. This includes a bolt cutter and industrial scissors to cut through any type of collar.

Be Inspiredto make a difference Share what you have learned about playing and living with no collars. Spread the word. Knowledge is powerful. Consider donating an emergency kit to your local dog park.

Together, through education and awareness, we can save lives. Let's do it For Gracie's Sake.