The Naked Dog Project

It is critical that you ask about the following:
Supervision– Dogs should never be left unattended. NEVER.

Collars– Some facilities remove all collars, which is known as naked dog and preferred while others just remove choke chains and prong collars. This is done to eliminate the danger of dogs accidentally choking each other or getting a paw or jaw stuck in a collar.


What You Need To Know

Other considerations:

  • Is the daycare located in a veterinarian clinic? It’s very helpful to have that close proximity in case of an emergency.

  • Ask whether your daycare’s employees have received professional training. Knowledgeable personnel are crucial
    to a safe, professional, and enjoyable daycare business.

  • Do they have proper equipment to cut off a cloth, leather, or choker collar should an emergency arise on their property?

  • Do they have an emergency preparedness plan?

  • How many dogs do they care for, and what is their dog-to-staff ratio?

  • Ask about the staff, the facility, health policies, safety policies, and play group guidelines.

Doggie Daycare was a new experience for me. You see my last dog, Rocko, came with many issues. We had an amazing love and a great life, however, we spent most of our 12+ years together avoiding. Rocko didn’t like kids, dogs, cats, rabbits, squirrels, or possums—you get the picture. He tolerated some people, he loved us, and he loved his Grammy.  So when the day came to say goodbye to Rocko and Gracie found her way into our life, it was extremely important to me that she be socialized and have every opportunity to grow into a well-rounded, well-mannered dog. I must also mention that I had forgotten how much work it is to take care of a puppy. Every second of my life was now consumed with taking care of her, and I also worked full time. I found myself wondering how I was going to juggle both. So into our lives came doggie daycare.

The important information I want to share with you is that all doggie daycares are not created equal. Gracie attended 2 different daycares, and I am sad to say I was not clearly educated on all the differences between the 2 until after she died. There are questions I should have asked, research I should have done. I hope by sharing what I have since learned, you will be better prepared to ask the right questions and be able to make an informed decision before leaving your beloved dog in the care of others. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a daycare facility.