The Naked Dog Project

As the saying goes, it takes a village. I thank each of you who helped me bring this vision to life. Your talent and creativity amazes and inspires me. Together, through education and awareness, we will save lives. Thank you!

Playing with collars on can be dangerous. A jaw or a paw can get stuck in any collar resulting in injury or strangulation.

Be inspired to make a difference.
Share what you’ve learned—consider donating an emergency kit to your local dog park.

If you choose to play and live with collars on, please have proper tools available to cut off the collar in case of an emergency.

Be Prepared.

Be Aware.

Be Inspired.


Be Aware. Be Prepared. Be Inspired.

The Naked Dog Project

The Naked Dog Project came to life in an effort to educate and bring awareness globally to the danger that lurks when dogs live and play with collars on.

Collar accidents happen in normal and safe circumstances and they happen regardless of the collar choice. Thousand of dogs are injured or die every year.  Many owners are unaware of this danger.

I hope by sharing our story, you will never lose your best friend the senseless way I lost my sweet Gracie.

Knowledge is powerful. We can save lives.

Let's do it For Gracie's Sake.